Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine's Stained Glue Hearts


Okay, there aren't really stained glass but they're supposed to look like it.  Any how, saw this idea at

White Elmer's/School Glue
Transparent Glass Paint
Curling Ribbon (for hanging)

How We Did It
1.  We poured some glue into a bowl and dipped lengths of string in the glue

2.  We put a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet.  I shaped hearts out of our string and trimmed the excess on top of the wax paper.  I did this without a template underneath.  (The tutorial, see above, I found actually put templates printed out under the wax paper.)

3.  We let these dry overnight.

4.  We took the bottles of glue and filled in our hearts.  Don't worry if you happen to go outside the string, this can be trimmed later.

5.  We let these dry for two days.  You can see below that 1 day wasn't quite long enough.

6.  We took our transparent glass paint that painted our hearts and let dry.  This just took maybe an hour.

7.  We removed (by peeling) our hearts from the wax paper and trimmed excess glue outside the string.  

8.  We attached curling ribbon to the hearts with staples. 

9.  We hung our stained glue hearts to a tension rod behind the molding above the kitchen sink.  

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