Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Make Your Own Stamps with Bottle Caps and Foam Stickers

Bottle Caps - Gatorade and Milk Caps are the best because of the larger size.
Foam Letters or Shapes - This is where it can get a bit tricky.  I bought foam letter stickers (oops), when you stamp the letters will  be backwards.  I realized this just as Steel and I were getting ready to stick the letters on the bottle caps.  SO - I highly suggest that you either stick to the foam shape stickers or letter without the sticker so that you can adhere them backwards so that they will stamp properly.  
Glue - For the non-sticker letters!
Ink Pads - I was pleasantly surprised that these have come down in price over the years, I found them at the craft store for a buck a piece!  

The How To
1.  Stick shapes to the bottle caps.  (See below how I improvised using letters because I bought the wrong ones!)

2.  Stamp away!

Improvising:  As I explained above, I bought letters with adhesive, it didn't hit me until we went to stick the letters to the caps.  (If you buy letters without the adhesive, you can glue them to the caps backwards (or upside down, if you will) in order to stamp the letters correctly.)  However with the letters that I bought with the adhesive... You can stamp in a secret code.  Stamp the letters from right to left to create your message...  (This is a bit confusing to explain to a 6 year old so I remedied the situation by running to the dollar store the very next day!)  Anywho...

1.  Apply foam stickers to bottle caps.

2.  Stamp from right to left.

3.  Reveal your secret code in a mirror...

Inspiration:  http://vanessasvalues.blogspot.com

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