Saturday, January 14, 2012

Glass Block Bath Time Picture

I love the look of the pictures behind the glass block that seems to be quite popular these days.  I used a picture a Steel when he was just a couple weeks old in his bath tub wrapped in his bath towel with marbles to appear as bubbles!  I couldn't wait to put it all together.  I really like the way it turned out.  

5.5 x 5.5 inch glass block found in craft stores
5x7 picture that can be trimmed to fit behind the glass block
Vinyl Lettering (I made mine on my silhouette, lettering stickers would work well as well.)
Transfer Paper for Vinyl, if using a Silhouette or Cricut to cut your own
Clear or iridescent marbles
Clear Glue 


How I Did It
1.  I filled the glass block with marbles to just a little over an inch high.  I used these to appear as bubbles since I wanted to go with the Bath Time theme.  

2.  I chose a picture of Steel when he was just a couple weeks old.  He was laying in his baby bath tub wrapped in his bath towel.  I enhanced the photo to sepia tone and printed out a 5x7 print.  I, then, trimmed it to fit behind the glass block.

3.  I designed and cut my lettering on my Silhouette.  I made sure that my lettering was only 5 inches wide and just a bit over 1 inch high, so that it would fit nicely onto the glass block.  I made sure to keep the lettering together (see picture) so that it would be easier to apply transfer paper and stick to the glass block keeping the lettering in a nice, straight line.

 4.  I removed the backing from the transfer paper for vinyl and stuck it directly on top of the lettering.

5.  I turned over the lettering and peeled the backing of the lettering off.  I did one letter at a time making sure that each letter stayed stuck onto the transfer paper.  This really isn't too hard as long as you move slowly.  I was able to bend the transfer paper in order to aid in the peeling, especially the little insides of the letters, as seen in picture below.

Peeling backing, transfer paper is upside down (sticky side up)
This is lettering showing through the transfer paper.
6.  Apply lettering to glass block and peel the transfer paper away.

7.  Apply glue to edges of the front of your picture and apply to back of glass block.  I used E-6000 since it dries nice and clear.


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