Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine's Ribbon Wreath

I'm obsessed with ribbon!  How many more ribbon wreaths can I make?  Well, how many holidays do I have left?  =)  

The best part?  This was Christmas ribbon at 75% off!  Looks like Valentine's to me!  The whole wreath only cost me $10!  

A large variety of ribbon spools (I used 2 wide, 2 medium width and 7 small width spools.)
Heart of round wire wreath form
Fray Check (If you are using ribbon that tend to fray.  Check out my Keep Fraying at Bay post.)

How I Did It
1.  Starting with the widest ribbons first, cut ribbon approximately 18-24 inches in length and tie bows around the wreath form spacing the bows equally.  The bows do not need to be perfect.

2.  I continued with medium width ribbon.  This ribbon did not have to be as long as the widest ribbon, approximately 18 inches long.

3.  I continued with the thinnest ribbon.  I cut the polka dot ribbon at 16 inches and tied bows with it to the wreath form.  I cut the solid pink ribbon at 12 inches and just tied those to the wreath form by just tying knots and letting the ends hang.

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