Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine's Lantern

Helper Boy and I made a Valentine's Lantern with a mason jar and hearts cut out of tissue paper.  

Tissue Paper
Mod Podge - High Lustre
Mason Jar

How We Did It
1.  I took tissue paper and only unfolded it and did not separate the sheets.  There were 8 sheets all together.  

2.  I cut a small rectangle out of the sheets and folded the tissue paper lengthwise and cut out small hearts.  I thought about buying one of those heart punches but thought to myself...I can make cut them myself!  I did just that!

3.  Helper Boy Mod Podge'd the hearts around the jar.

Helper Boy did not want his picture taken.

4.  We let it dry.  (Took about an hour or so.)

5.  I inserted a votive holder with votive.


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