Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spare Room Painting

Drab, plain, yucky, ugly, blah...

and... I might add... that it is flat and cheap paint that does not clean well.  Also note that the trim and doors are all the same color...

I chose Sherwin Williams (of course!) Baize Green SW6429 in Durations, both in Matte and Satin finish.  See SW specs here.  I am hoping to paint stripes with both matte and satin on one wall, hopefully it will turn out the way I would like.    For now I am just painting the one wall matte and three walls satin.  As of right now, I am having a hard time telling the difference between the two.  Keep tuned for a separate post later if all works as planned.

SW6429 Baize Green
This is a copy of the color image at the SW site, my pictures (below) tell a different story. 
 Just goes to show that monitors and cameras really mess the whole color thing up!  LOL!

I also close Extra White SuperPaint in a Semi-Gloss (also by SW) for the trim, see specs here

Helper boy in action...

AND...Drum Roll...The Finished Product!...

How do you like the crown molding???

Well, There isn't any crown molding!  I taped and painted to look as if there were!

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