Saturday, January 7, 2012

Steelers Throw Pillows - Updated

Our NEW Steelers Throw Pillows:  

Our OLD ones have seen better days...

Now that I have finally made new ones to replace these, the only thing that these old, battered pillow will be seeing is the inside of a garbage bag!  They weathered well for us throughout the years but it is time to let them go!

I tried taking pictures while I was putting these new beauties together but they just didn't capture what I wanted and I kept forgetting to stop to get pictures of each of the steps.  So...if you really want to TUT, I asked my dear friend Google to lend you a hand...
I found this nice little HOW TO.  I'm not quite thinking that pictures are so necessary, you took Home Ec, right?  =)

Ran out of material, need to make one more...  Boy, they look soooo much better!  Love the fabric, too.  It's fleece.  Go Steelers!  

Update:  Steel and I ran to the store today and we couldn't find matching material but we found another one that would do just fine!  

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