Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordfeud App and the secret app

First, I would like to mention that I have yet to pay for an App.  I haven't found reason to.  I don't think I ever would unless that was something out there that I just thought that I could not live without. 

So, there's this Scrabble like app out there called Wordfeud.  Quite fun!  I play against the hub and the kid (age 19).  I found one before that is called Words with Friends but the kid, age 19 uses the Wordfeud.  No difference to me. 

So, I've been killing the kid (age 19) and the hub.  It's great!  I found this app called Scrabble Solver that I have been using.  You plug in your letters and it pops out words for you.  That's my secret.  It that cheating?  Don't care, it's fun!  LOL!

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