Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mere Amour Original Jewelry

I love making jewelry.  I never seem to find enough time though.  My whole reasoning for starting this blog was to get organized and in turn have more time to do the things that I want to do.  (Organization Project #1 = Garage Sale!  I'm currently still collecting items but I'm afraid I may not have enough, I will cross that bridge on my deadline (Sunday).)  Anyhow, back to the jewelry...(ADD moment)...  I love it.  My goal is to set up shop on my  I have it and pay for the name, I just haven't quite had time to do the setting up thing.  I even thought of paying someone but those ideas went out the window about 2 weeks ago when Hub got laid off (again).  (This economy blows!)  So, it's just going to take some extra time to accomplish my goal.  I figured that I could post pictures of my creations here so that my avid readers (oh, so many...haha) can have look sees. 

On to my next task of trying to figure out how to set up pages on the this blog thing.  I'll go ask Kathy (Lovelace Files) then she will go tell me to google it (she's irritating like that) but she'll help me so I leave her alone (I irritate back).  LOL!


  1. Hey! Really?! You want to insult your mentor?!
    Rude. (<--Google that!)

  2. p.s. I have a picture of one of the stamped tags you made for my bridesmaids on my wedding planning blog.