Thursday, July 21, 2011

Key Ring App - The beginning of my smart phone movement

So, my brother in law was a bit of a tech junkie and was probably one of the first people to get the original iphone the second it hit the shelves way back yesteryear.  (Correction:  He was probably the first in line).  (This of course when I was resisting the movement and still getting my free phones.)  He always had some new gadget or a new app on his phone to show off.  The one that actually, finally got me listening was the Key Ring App.  Wow, how many frequent shopper cards do you have or that you turned down because what are you going to do with yet another shoppers card, only to not have it when you need it...  Well, this handy little app saves them all right on your phone.  You pull up the app, pick your store and viola! the barcode appears for your cashier to scan.  WOW!  My big day was yesterday... I went to Petco (where the Pets go...) during lunch to pick up some dog food.  The cashier asked me for my Pals card (that's what Petco calls it) and right before I could tell her that she would have to look it up, (light bulb on in head) I remembered my oh so clever app.  I dug the phone out and got it ready to scan in seconds.  It scanned with ease and this rush of tech saviness came over me.  Total gratification.  Check it out...

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