Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tankless Hot Water Heater - priceless

I have to give a big plug for my Aquastar Gas Tankless Hot Water Heater because I just received my natural gas bill and it was only $8.01!  Love it!  This is with a gas dryer and gas stove.  I use the dryer everyday and the stove a few times a week in the summer.  I figured out that it would take approximately 3 years to recoup the initial cost as they are much more costly than traditional hot water tanks.  Well, our tankless has been running great for 6 years.  I'm not sure of the life expectancy, I will let you know when it dies... 

We actually did not purchase this unit.  My mother purchsed this unit for her home 6 years ago.  She passed away 3 years ago (miss her everyday) and we decided to swap out water heaters.  Why not, right?  I remember that she had to purchase the bigger unit because the smaller one wasn't cutting it.  It doesn't always go by your square footage, you have to take in account how your water lines run throughout your house.  I notice that the one side of my house, where the unit is, gets hot water faster than the kitchen that is at the other side of the house.  I can live with it though because I haven't noticed an increase in my water bill.  Besides that, here really is no downside.  I noticed that you don't have to turn the hot knobs up all the way when running bath water as our water pressure is super strong and when I have it up all the way, it's not very hot.  I turn the hot water down and it is as hot as can be.  It's only for the bath water though.  The shower and all the sinks are fine.  I also never run out of hot water.  We can all take showers (5 of us) back to back, do laundry and run dishwasher and always have hot water. 

Love it!  (And it appears that I am going something good for the environment as well...) Okay, that was a joke, I am an energy conscience person.  I do not go overboard though.  My house is very energy efficient and I will do what I can but it has to be easy.  I'm not going to go unplugging everything all the time and drive out of my way to drop off my recyclables, etc.  I will post about how my family and I do our part to 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'.  You would be proud.  Okay, probably not but, I am.  LOL!

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