Thursday, July 21, 2011

My New Smart Phone

After holding out for quite some time, my husband and I finally broke down a purchased our first smart phones last month.  For years, when renewal time came, I would simply get the nicest free phone that verizon had available.  Free no longer exists and the cheap phones are actually cheap.  This is where those phone companies stick it to you! Anyhow- We both got the Droid Charge.  Love it!  Definitely not free!  The reviews were good.  I had good reasons to go android versus iphone but I'm not sure what they are anymore.  The things I read through research didn't prove to be all that true.  I did read that the number of android apps were going to surpass iphone sometime this year.  Only trouble is that anyone can write an app for android so you have to be careful.  Also, some apps (like netflix) do come out for the iphone before android though so you have to wait a bit.  My only complaint is the battery life but if I could stay off the thing, I'm sure it would be fine.  I am constantly playing with it.  Like I said, love it

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