Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quilt As You Go Baby Quilt

I tried something new...Quilt As You Go...  It is definitely a bit more work but the quilting part is a LOT easier.  I have another idea that I will try next...Quilting By The Row As You Go.  I think it will cut back on all the work.  That may be a few weeks so check back with me on that one. Steel loves the minky fabric so I am going to attempt throwing it in a quilt that I plan on making for him.  I do really like how this quilt turned out but it's not perfect.  I'm really not sure I have ever made anything that there wasn't a little blem in...lol.  I think we can call it character or Love.  lol.  Be sure to check out my inspiration at the end of the post!  

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Materials and Supplies
1/2 yard of 2 coordinating fabrics for the front of the quilt
     - I used a crib sheet of Jacklyn's Baby Bedding and a coordinating minky fabric
1 1/4 yards of fabric for the backing
     - I used a coordinating flannel
Crib sized batting
9" Quilting Template Square
Rotary Blade
Cutting Mat
Sewing Machine
Straight Pins

How I Did It
1.  I cut all my fabric:
     8 squares of each front fabrics (16 total)
     16 squares of backing fabric
     16 squares of batting
     4 - 5x40" strips for edging (not pictured)

2.  I put together and quilted my squares:
     a.  I laid the backing fabric down, right side down.

     b.  I placed the batting on top.

     c.  I placed the top fabric on top of the batting.

     d.  I pinned the 3 layers together.

     e.  I stitched approximately an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half from the edge all the way around.  What was nice was that on my machine, the distance from the needle to the back of the machine table is the same distance as from the needle to the last line (to the right) on the machine plate.  Confused?  lol.  Well, let's just say it was very helpful in where to start and stop stitching so that I did not have to mark my squares.

     f.  I continued until all 16 squares were quilted, 8 of each top fabric.

3.  Time to make the strips:
     a.  I placed two squares back side to back side and lined them up and pinned them in place.  Note that I had to folded the batting and front fabric back to do so.

     b.  I stitched the squares together.  I stitched the two backings together so that the remaining fabric next to the quilted part of the square was approximately half an inch.  (Please note that the picture was taken after I trimmed the batting which is part 3c.)

     c.  I trimmed the batting of each square to where the squares were joined.

     d.  I folded the excess backing to the side.

     e.  I folded the minky fabric over top.  (I always folded the minky fabric first since the other fabric is easier to work with.)

     f.  I folded the other fabric and laid it down on top of the minky fabric so that the edge between the two would be in the center of the two squares.

     g.  I pinned it in place.  (Oops no pic!)

     h.  I stitched along the edge on both sides.  NOTE:  I started stitching where the quilting started.  It is very important not to begin stitching before that.  If you were to do that, you won't be able to connect the strips.

     i.  I alternated blocks until I had a strip of four blocks.

     j.  I continued until I had four strips of four blocks each.

4.  Time to connect the strips:
I followed the same process as I did so making the strips.
     a.  I connected the backing.

     b.  I trimmed the batting.

     c.  I folded one side over the batting.

     d.  I folded the other side, laid it on top and pinned it in place.  This proves to be a bit trying because the squares are not stitched together at the corners.  It just takes a little patience.

     e.  I continued until at strips were connected.

5.  I Time to attach the edging:
Note:  I left out how to do the corners.  This is due to the fact that it was very difficult for me.  I was tired and wanted to just get the quilt done as I still had a shower to plan!  I need to work on this.  I will make sure to add it to my next quilt.  I am determined to find an easier way even if I have to search Mr. Google.

     a.  I folded the strips in half and laid the edge at the edge of one side of the quilt.

     b.  I stitched this to the quilt.

     c.  I flipped the quilt over and folded the edging over the top of the quilt and stitched it to the top.

The Corners?   To be continued...  Sorry...  =)

The Corners?   To be continued...  Sorry...  =)

But...here she is...

I got the idea of quilting as you go from http://quilttaffy.blogspot.com and http://mummastimetocreate.blogspot.com but I tried a different approach.

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