Saturday, November 17, 2012

Minky Baby Blanket

I think I want one for myself.  I am definitely thinking that working with minky fabric on that large of a scale is NOT going to happen.  This was relatively a simple project to start with.  I would not say that it was easy but it was manageable.  I only had one minor defect and I am not saying where it is at.  =)  

My inspiration:

Minky tips:

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Materials Used
1 fitted crib sheet
1 yard Minky fabric in a coordinating color
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine
Straight Pins

How I Did It
1.  I cut a fitted crib sheet along the seams.  I folded in quarters and approximately 22 inches from the two folded sides.  This made approximately a 44 x 44 square when unfolded.  Sorry, I have no pictures!!  This square was no where near perfect but it worked for what I needed.  This less than perfect square will be remedied later.  

2.  I laid out the minky fabric, right side up.

3.  I laid my crib sheet fabric, right side down, on top of the minky fabric.

4.  I trimmed the minky fabric, slightly larger than the less than perfect square of the crib sheet fabric.  This is not an exact science...yet...

5.  I used a straight edge and pencil, I marked lines along all four sides.  The dots of the minky fabric were extremely helpful in lining up the lines straight.

6.  I began pinning.  I smoothed out the fabric and pinned.  I smoothed out the fabric some more and pinned some more.  **See suggestion at end of post for next time.**

 7.  I kept pinning, one pin right after the other.  **See suggestion at end of post for next time.**

8.  I pinned all the way around the (now perfect-ish) square.  I left approximately a 6 inch opening at the center of one side.  This opening will be needed to turn the blanket right sides out.  **See suggestion at end of post for next time.** 

9.  I trimmed excess fabric about an inch from my pencil line.

10.  I sewed along my pencils lines, all the way around the square except at the 6 inch opening.  **See suggestion at end of post for next time.**

11.  I trimmed the corners.  This will help the corners lay right when the blanket is turned right sides out.

12.  I turned the blanket right sides out.

13.  I performed the same pinning routine once again.  Pinned, pinned and pinned some more.  Pinned all the way around the blanket.  I folded the edges in and pinned the 6 inch opening.

14.  I sewed around the edges, approximately 3/4 inch from the edge.

15.  I sewed around the blanket one more time in between the first stitching and the edge.  (This might be to correct a small defect but I will never tell...)

 The finished product:

'After the fact' suggestion that I will try next time...
I will pin one side at time and sew before moving to the next side.  This way when the crazy minky fabric moves or I don't have it pinned just right, I can re-adjust before pinning and sewing the next side.  I think this will help and eliminate my slight defect.  Since I allowed for excess to trim, if the fabric slightly slightly, it shouldn't be a problem.

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