Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fabric Marker Decorated Baby Onesies

Steel's Creation

We had a baby shower for our expecting Jacklyn last weekend.  Our activity was decorating onesies.  I will be posting on all the different types of decorating techniques and have a special post on the shower itself linking all the posts when I am done.  Stay tuned for all the fun and excitement!  =)  

I figured that not all people would want to get super involved with the decorating so I thought fabric markers were a quick and easy solution for those just wanting to decorate one quickly and easily.  

I found these Tulip Fabric Markers:

Steel made the one at the top.  He included all the years that Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl and all of their winning coaches.  Gage will be a Steeler Fan if Steel has anything to say about it!  =)

Steel hard at work.

Gage Rocks!
Gage is #1

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