Sunday, July 29, 2012

Super Hero Sunday - Installment No.3 - A Throne for Our Captain

A Throne fit for our Captain Primrose?  I think so!  To show our appreciation to our Captain and protector, we gave him a throne that he could call his own.  

I assisted in adding the special personal touches to our Captain's throne...

I cut out his initials and name in vinyl using my Silhouette.  

I adhered them to his throne using transfer tape.

I even put an extra set of initials on the inside of the lid in the event that our Captain forgot and 'Left the seat up'.

My fellow Captain supporters made sure the throne was placed in our Captain's yard for all to see his magical throne.

They even thought of every last detail and used a crowbar so that special paper could be placed conveniently for our Captain.

Seb cannot wait to see our Captain's surprise at our great gift for appreciation.  
Installment No. 2
Installment No. 1

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