Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super Hero Sunday - Installment No.2 - O Captain! My Captain! Where Art Thou?

Now that Captain Primrose has taken it upon himself to protect his neighbors from evil in our little city of MOL...

We found it imperative that our fellow citizens know how to find our great protector when in need.  What better way than to have a sign, baring his great name, erected in the front of his humble abode?!  Well, that is exactly what his closest supporters did!

There you have it!  There should be no confusion as to where to find our Captain when the need may arise.  For all you Damsels in Distress...

Have No Fear, You Can Find Your Captain Here!

Our modest Captain Primrose didn't want all this special treatment but he was reassured if the sign was moved in anyway, it could (and WOULD) be re-erected in cement.  He reluctantly agreed that the sign could stay.  

Stay tuned next week for another installment of Super Hero Sunday!  It's a good one!

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