Thursday, July 26, 2012

Steel's Football Shirt using Silhouette

We are picking up Steel's football equipment this Saturday!  Our little boy is starting tackle football.  He will be playing for the Rebels where they need to be 7 years old by November 30th instead of August, like our city.  So...Steel will essentially get to start a year earlier. Since he will be weighing in at 75 pounds, it will not be a problem.  He's ready for tackle and cannot wait.  The boy loves football.  A boy after his father's heart.    We are so excited.  The real excitement starts Monday with two hour practices everyday.  I had to make a special shirt for our little football player.  

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How I Did It
1.  I used my Silhouette Studio to create a design.

2.  I cut the design out in vinyl on my Silhouette.  (This makes the stencil.) 

3.  I centered the cut out on a T-shirt.  I had to put on those little pieces on vinyl in the center of the letters.  (I did not use the transfer tape because the vinyl doesn't stick that great to the fabric.  This takes a little patience but it is worth it.  I made sure to press out the edges of the design to get it to adhere as best as possible.  The end result will not have perfectly crisp lines but it gives it a vintage look.  

4.  I spread some white fabric paint on a paper plate.

5.  I took a sponge brush and dabbed the fabric paint on the stencil.

6.  I peeled the stencil away and used my hook tool to remove the little center pieces of the letters.


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