Friday, November 30, 2012

Fabric Applique Onesies

This is my favorite of our decorating onesies options.  It is actually very easy and not time consuming at all!  Don't be intimidated, give it a try.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Iron On Onesies

Iron Ons have come a long way...  There are so many options.  They are a far cry from the Iron Ons that I remember from the 70s and 80s.  This was a definite option for the Onesie Shower!

This is pretty self explainatory.  HOWEVER...I do want to mention that there are some Iron Ons that need steam to adhere.  Our Iron Ons did not some with directions and poor Shanay spent the better half of our activity at the ironing board trying to adhere an Iron Ons with a dry iron without any positive results.  We needed to use dry irons for the webbing for our Fabric Appliqued onesies.  Poor Shanay.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stamped Onesies

Another option for decorating onesies at Jacklyn's shower was using stamps and fabric paint.

I found these Scribbles Stamps:

and bought some Tulip Fabric Paint in various colors:

Using a paint brush, you can apply paint to the stamps and stamp onto the onesies.  Be sure to use a small piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the onesie so you don't have any paint bleed through.  Stamp on!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fabric Marker Decorated Baby Onesies

Steel's Creation

We had a baby shower for our expecting Jacklyn last weekend.  Our activity was decorating onesies.  I will be posting on all the different types of decorating techniques and have a special post on the shower itself linking all the posts when I am done.  Stay tuned for all the fun and excitement!  =)  

I figured that not all people would want to get super involved with the decorating so I thought fabric markers were a quick and easy solution for those just wanting to decorate one quickly and easily.  

I found these Tulip Fabric Markers:

Steel made the one at the top.  He included all the years that Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl and all of their winning coaches.  Gage will be a Steeler Fan if Steel has anything to say about it!  =)

Steel hard at work.

Gage Rocks!
Gage is #1

Monday, November 26, 2012

Star of the Week

Steel was Star of the Week a couple weeks back.  I thought it was such a nice idea that I thought I would share it with you.  He had his own special bulletin board for the week.  He took me down to his classroom to show me when I picked him up from the after school program.  His teacher sent a packet home on Friday of the week before that said what to do for each of the days of his week.

He filled out a special page at school.  

Monday he was to bring in a page filled out with his favorite things, a picture that he drew of his family and pictures.


Tuesday:  He was to bring in a few of his favorite things.

Wednesday:  He was to bring in his favorite book to read to his class.

Thursday and Friday:  His classmates wrote him notes.  Most were about what each of them had in common with him, if they liked the same things, etc.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gorgonzola and Mushroom Steak

This is seriously delicious.  If this sounds good, check out my Portabello Mushrooms with Gorgonzola Cheese and Walnuts.

Steak - Prepare to your liking (I seared mine in a fry pan, 5 minutes per side.)
4 oz package of gorgonzola cheese
1 T olive oil
2 - 8 oz packages of white mushrooms, silced ans sauted
To Prepare
1.  Add the olive oil to the gorgonzola cheese in a medium microwave safe bowl and microwave for approximately 1 minute.

2.  Stir to finish melting the gorgonzola.

3.  Add mushrooms and toss to coat them. 

4.  Add to top of steak.

5.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heart Shaped Bacon

Too cute.  Perfect for BLTs, add a few for bacon in every bite!  

How To:
1.  Take a strip of bacon.

2.  Fold in half length-wise.

3.  Fold one end down making a point.

4.  Fold ends up to make a point above the first point.  (Picture right side up, after folding.)

5.  Bake at 350F on a cookie sheet for approximately 20 minutes.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quilt As You Go Baby Quilt

I tried something new...Quilt As You Go...  It is definitely a bit more work but the quilting part is a LOT easier.  I have another idea that I will try next...Quilting By The Row As You Go.  I think it will cut back on all the work.  That may be a few weeks so check back with me on that one. Steel loves the minky fabric so I am going to attempt throwing it in a quilt that I plan on making for him.  I do really like how this quilt turned out but it's not perfect.  I'm really not sure I have ever made anything that there wasn't a little blem  I think we can call it character or Love.  lol.  Be sure to check out my inspiration at the end of the post!  

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Steel's 2012 Football Banquet

Steel had his Football Banquet yesterday...

Coach speech

Hub getting his mug for his coaching

Steel getting his trophy!

Steel so proud

The prized trophy

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ham and Swiss Croissants

These are delish.  It's a little more time consuming but they are well worth it.  I found a recipe online (see link below) and adapted it to my liking and with items that I had on hand.  

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Minky Baby Blanket

I think I want one for myself.  I am definitely thinking that working with minky fabric on that large of a scale is NOT going to happen.  This was relatively a simple project to start with.  I would not say that it was easy but it was manageable.  I only had one minor defect and I am not saying where it is at.  =)  

My inspiration:

Minky tips:

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Friday, November 16, 2012

House Warming Gift Bucket

House Warming Gift Idea...
I filled a bucket with lots of household items that are sure to be needed some day.

Light Bulbs
Air Freshener Spray
Air Freshener Beads
Hand Towels
Dish Towels
Laundry Stain Spray
Glass Cleaner
Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner
Magic Eraser
Lysol Wipes
Extension Cord
Power Strip
Scrub Brush
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablet
Outlet Covers
Dawn Dish Soap

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Ribbon Wreath - Revisited

I had to re-post my Fall Ribbon Wreath that I made last year.  I love it.  Check out the tutorial here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweet N Sour Grapes

These surely do not look as nice as where I found this little concoction but they sure are yummy.  They aren't as sour as I thought they would be, you get the sour from the grapes, the jello is sweet.  Carol over at Pure Sugar calls them Glitter Grapes or Sour Patch Grapes.  I hope she doesn't mind that I added the Sweet in there.  There's a link to her blog at the bottom of this post.  BTW...This is Steel (kid) approved!! 

Green Seedless Grapes
1 box of Jello, I used grape flavor - try what sounds good

To Prepare
1.  Rinse your grapes.

2.  Pluck those babies off and toss in a small bowl with the jello mix.  Do this part in small batches.

3.  Throw in the frig for 15-20 minutes.

4.  Enjoy!