Friday, November 30, 2012

Fabric Applique Onesies

This is my favorite of our decorating onesies options.  It is actually very easy and not time consuming at all!  Don't be intimidated, give it a try.

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Fun scrap fabric
Steam A Seam Lite 2 (Double Stick Fusible Web)
Templates or imagination
Iron - Dry (no steam)
Ironing board
Fabric Markers (for small details)

How We Did It
1.  Pick your design or template.  Check out Angel Lea Designs or Etsy.  You can also design something on your own using your computer, just remember to reverse the design and print it.  Hey and if you feel like just winging it, skip to #2 and draw away, just remember to do it in reverse!


2.  Place the Webbing on top of your design.  The side that you want to draw on is the side that the webbing is stuck to.  (Separate the sheets at a corner of the webbing and you will find that webbing is stuck to one of the sheets.  The sheet with the webbing is the side that you want to draw on with your pencil.  Do not separate the sheets just yet, this was just to figure out what side to draw on.  )  Trace your design on the webbing side.  Remember if you freehand it, do it in reverse!


3.  Trim your designs.  


4.  Pick your fabric for your designs and place them right side down on the ironing board.  Peel off the sheet that does not have the webbing on it from the fusible web.  (This is the side that you did not draw on!)  Using a dry iron, iron for approximately 10 seconds to adhere your designs to the wrong side of the fabric.  (Trim your excess fabric before or after ironing.)

5.  Now trim along the pencil lines.  


6.  Time to iron to the onesie!  Remember to start at the bottom of your design (closest to the onesie, not at the bottom of the onesie...)  Before you start ironing, you need to peel off the second sheet of the double webbing.  I find it easier to fold the fabric over in a corner to fold the sheet and some times it separates just enough to peel away easily.  

Stick the bottom layer to the onesie and iron:

Remove the sheet from the next layer and iron: 


And once more:


7.  Use a fabric marker to add the small details.

Some other examples:



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