Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tin Can Windchimes

Steel especially had fun painting these.  Mom had to put them together.  We hung them on his playset on a flower hanger hook thing.  I was lucky to find 4 different sized cans quite easily.  Start saving those cans!!!

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Cans, minus lids and labels in various sizes
Rope, 2 - 3 feet
Drill bit, large enough to fit rope through but small enough that a knot won't go through
Krylon spray paint in various colors
Helper Painter Boy, optional

How To
1.  Have Helper Boy spray paint cans in different colors.

2.  Drill holes into bottom (now the top) of cans.  Make sure the hole is larger enough to fit your chosen rope through yet small enough so that once the rope is knotted, it will not slip through.  

3.  Take the smallest can and push it through the hole in the top and knot it.  

4.  Make a knot at the top of the smallest can.  (I'm not too sure how necessary this step is but I did it anyway.)

5.  Make another knot in the rope so that the next smallest can can be placed where the rim fits just at the top of the smaller can above it.

6.  Make another knot at the top of the newly added can.

7.  Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all cans are added.

8.  Make a loop at the top with the remaining rope by folding the rope over and knotting the folded pieces together.

9.  Hang to enjoy!

Our Inspiration:  http://www.learn2grow.com

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