Friday, June 15, 2012

Party Flops

Adorable?  I think so!  I have no little girls in my house to make these for so I had to enlist a couple because I could not resist making a couple pairs!

They were quite simple and cheap to make, yet VERY time consuming!  Imagine the possibilities!  Red, White and Blue for the Fourth?!

My Inspiration

Pair of Flops (Old Navy 2/$3 for kids, 2/$5 for adults - 6/23/12 they are on sale for $1!!!)
Water balloons - I used 36 per side (72 per flop)

How I Did It
I attached 36 water balloons to each side strap of each flop starting at the thong, alternating the round and stem ends of the balloons pointing outward in a rainbow pattern.  I tripled up on the green balloons for the lime pair to bring out the green.  Every once in a while I would get air trapped inside the balloon where it was tied, I remedied this by making a pinhole (with a pin) to release the air.  Each pair took me about 40 minutes to make and I got sore fingers!

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