Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Garden Update #2

Garden Update!!  Just wanted to share our progress.  All of the plants are doing wonderfully.  Being this is our first garden, we didn't count on our plants surviving and we planted the plants a bit closer together than advised.  So far, so good though.  

I used garden twine to make my own tomato cages.  The hub installed garden stakes and secured them to the bed sides with screws.  I wrapped twine around each of the stakes, weaved it, etc. until I had three levels of twine around each tomato plant to form cages.  

For the cucumbers, I attached eye screws to the existing tomato stakes and eye screws on the inside of the garden bed front side in front of each cucumber plant.  I tied twine from the bottom eye screw to the top eye screw forming an angle.  I, then, weaved more twine perpendicular to the angles that I had just made, this formed a grid that will allow the cucumbers to climb.  (I learned this tip from a co-worker and avid gardener!)

 Lastly, our pumpkin patch is looking good, we have half the pumpkins that we planted, which we expected.

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