Sunday, June 24, 2012

Solar Mason Jars

I made some solar jars this weekend.  This one I made with a mason jar and metallic paint.  It glows nicely and creates a neat shadow as well.  

My Inspiration:

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Mason Jar
Krylon Silver Metallic spray paint
Teflon tape
E6000 glue
Small solar light that will mount nicely in the top of mason jar
Tape, electrical works great

How To
1.  Take a plain mason jar because it will be easier to wrap and get crisper lines with painting.

2.  Wrap teflon tape round and round.

3.  Take the solar light stem off and any cover surrounding the light so that you are left with only the top of the solar light.  This should be the same size as your jar so that it can be glued the the mason jar lid, minus the lid insert.

4.  Take the electrical tape and tape over the solar panel.  

5.  Spray your solar light and jar with metallic spray paint.  I used Krylon Silver Metallic.

6.  Once dry, remove the teflon tape from the jar and the tape from the solar panel.

7.  Glue the solar light to the rim of the mason jar lid, minus the lid insert.

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