Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pallet Herb Garden

I love my Pallet Herb Garden.  With lots of luck, I can keep my herbs alive long enough to take my clippings and freeze my fresh herbs for later use.  I found my inspiration at  

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4 inch clay pots
screw clamps, I bought the ones that extend to 5 inch
drill with screwdriver bit
herbs in 4 inch pots

How I Did It
1.  I found a half sized pallet at my work that was in excellent condition that I cleared with the facilities manager to take home for my project.  I've seen lots of other pallets near trash dumpsters lately, just be careful that you don't take ones that appear to be stacked neatly as if someone will be picking them up to be reused.  When in doubt, go inside the store and ask a store manager.  

2.  I used a screwdriver to adjust my screw clamps to the perfect size so that they would hold the clay pots just under the rim.

3.  I used the drill with a screwdriver bit to secure the screw clamps with screws at varying heights leaving enough room for the plants to grow.

4.  I transplanted my purchased herbs into my clay pots.

5.  I hung each of herbs in the screw clamps.

My inspiration:

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