Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Pat's Beer Tee

Another St. Pat's Tee...  (I even have more last one for tomorrow!)  Everyone need a St. Pat's Tee, or two.  =)  I did not have any luck finding green t-shirts this year (maybe because I looked too late?) so I dyed my own.  I have never dyed anything before.  It was quite easy.  I used a 5 gallon bucket and it cleaned out nicely with no green residue.  It didn't create the mess that I thought it would.  I did have trouble with a 'dark green' that I bought, it looked like it had too much blue in it, so I re-dyed it.  I'm just thinking that the color on the box isn't always exactly what you are going to get...

Check out Steel's Football Shirt Post for a tutorial on making a shirt with your Silhouette, vinyl and fabric paint or click Read More for a quick run through of How I Did It...
How I Did It
1.  I design my lettering with Silhouette Studio and cut it out in vinyl using my Silhouette.  I used regular vinyl for this as I was fresh out of the Silhouette Stencil vinyl.  The Silhouette Stencil actually adheres better than the regular vinyl which is good for crisper edges but not so good for removing the vinyl prior to the fabric paint being completely dry.  (I have always removed the vinyl prior to the paint being dry, I think because I was afraid that if it was dry, it might 'rip' at the edges where the paint overlapped the fabric and the vinyl.  I am going to experiment and let you know the results... at a later date...)

2.  I removed the lettering from the vinyl cutout...

3.  I peeled the stencil from the backing and adhered it to the t-shirt.  (I did not use transfer tape.  I thought that it worked better without it when I made some shirts last year.  Since the vinyl doesn't stick well to the fabric, it was difficult to peel the transfer tape off without bringing the vinyl with it.  It was about a year ago so I am going to revisit this with and without the use of the Silhouette Stencil as well.)

4.  I used a sponge brush and sponged fabric paint over my design...

5.  I removed the vinyl...

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