Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Fav Leprechaun


Adorable Leprechaun hat?   - GarysAngel Etsy Shop

Adorable Onesie?  See below...

Silhouette Heat Transfer - Smooth
Fabric Dye

How I Did It
1.  I dyed a onesie using Rit fabric dye according the the package instructions.  (very easy process)

2.  I designed the lettering for the onesie using Silhouette Studio and made use to mirror the design so that it was 'backwards' for ironing on.

3.  I cut it out on Silhouette Heat Transfer (smooth) with the clear plastic side down and no cutting mat.  

This is the clear plastic side up after being cut out.  
4.  I removed the negative heat transfer to leave the lettering...

This is the side that was cut with clear plastic side down.
5.  I placed the design on the onesie, clear plastic side up.

6.  I placed a piece of fabric on top of the clear plastic and ironed, applying firm pressure for 45 - 60 seconds (according to Silhouette Heat Transfer package instructions).  If the plastics doesn't peel up, try, try again...

 7.  I peeled the clear plastic away from the design and re-ironed (on top of fabric) one more time for good measure.

and this is why you should... Never Wake A Sleeping Leprechaun...

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