Friday, August 10, 2012

Potting Bench

We were driving down the street and saw this great weathered bench 4 or 5 houses down sitting on the side of the road.  Well, we were on our way out and I hoped that it would still be there on the way home.  It was!  However, the hub was no longer with me.  I told Steel that I wanted it and hoped that Daddy would be home soon so he could help me grab it.  Steel told me that he could help me carry it.  (Steel is 6.)  Well, after I thought about it, I decided we could walk down and see how heavy it was.  Not too bad!  Yes, I had my 6 year old help me garbage pick!  Technically, it wasn't garbage picking because it wasn't garbage day, right?

I am so excited.  I plan on putting this behind the garage and using it as a potting bench.  I'm kind of  thinking that, that is what it is supposed to be used for?  I just need to decide if I should stain it, or possibly white wash it.  What about turquoise blue washing it to give it a nice blue hue?  Should I see if I can clean the grayed appearance of it first?  Some help with ideas would be greatly appreciated!  I would like to protect it in some fashion so that I can use it for a few years.  It's a little wobbly and needs a little TLC but I think it will be great!!!

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  1. Nice find! Would definitely paint it a blue, yellow or green! Something fun!!