Saturday, August 4, 2012

Garden Sign using wood burning tool

I made a garden sign using my wood burning tool.  I'm not completely pleased with the results but I figure it will take time to perfect this art.  It is quite difficult getting it to look good.  You have to have just the right pressure when writing and the grain of the wood gives you difficulty.  Perhaps I can try, try again another time.

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How I Did It
1.  I purchased a couple pieces of bass wood at the craft store.  I bought two in case I messed up the first one beyond repair.

2.  I freehanded it, pressing too light is no good, pressing too hard leaves round burn marks.  You need to find a nice even middle ground with the pressure that you apply.  Good luck!  =)

 3.  I screwed it in to the front of one of our garden beds.

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