Monday, May 7, 2012

Project Privacy Fence - Phase I Complete

I personally think that the chain link fence in front is a nice touch but it will be removed... =)
The hub finished installing our new privacy fence!  We only purchased enough to fence one side of our backyard due to budget constraints, we are hoping the finish the other two sides next spring although the roof may take presidence.  We found our vinyl (PVC) fencing at Wayside Fence.  Wayside is located in New York and including shipping, we saved mucho deniro!  For example, 80 feet of fencing at local DIY store was $3200, Wayside delivered it ($300 shipping) for $1800!  Yeah us!  We are very pleased with the quality as well.  And the BEST part?  Zero maintenance! 

Coming soon...
Phase II - Remove Chain Link Fence
Phase III - Concrete area from drive to fence

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I will not mention the real pain that it was to install the fence going up the hill with tree roots everywhere.  We are pretending that it never happened and all is well.  

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