Monday, May 14, 2012

Avery's Stuffed Giraffe

A giraffe to coordinate with Avery's Baby Quilt and Elephant.  More difficult than anticipated.  I do love how it coordinates with the other gifts.  

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Watercolor or thicker paper to make template
Coordinating fabric, 1/4 yard
Coordinating ribbon, 18 inches long
Sewing Machine - optional

How I Did It
1.  I sketched a silhouette of a giraffe after getting ideas from google images, keeping it as simple as possible.

2.  I cut out the silhouette.

3.  I folded over the fabric right side in and traced the template onto the fabric with a pencil.

4.  I cut out the giraffe shape 1/4 - 1/2 inches away from the pencil line to allow to stitching.

5.  I cut ribbon, 6 pieces at 3 inches long.

6.  I folded the ribbon pieces and placed them in between the giraffe pieces, facing inward and pinned them into place.

7.  I pinned the giraffe pieces together.

8.  I stitched along the pencil line, leaving an opening along the back of the giraffe for stuffing.

9.  I turned the giraffe right side out.

10.  I stuffed the giraffe.

11.  I folded the ends of the opening in and pinned it closed.

12.  I closed up the giraffe by using a blind or finishing stitch.  See this tutorial from Gratz Industries for help

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