Sunday, December 2, 2012

Onesie Baby Shower

Well, I have posted all week about Jacklyn's Baby Shower.  I'm summing it all up into one post, bringing it all together.  We decorated baby onesies for Baby Gage.  Be sure to click on the links for more information that will take you to my original post with all the details.  I saw many looks of dread on our guests until they realized that it wasn't such a difficult task.  I made sure to include quick and easy solutions for our creatively challenged (or so they think) guests.  Within a few minutes of me giving directions and examples all the guests were busy creating.  It was a lot of fun.  A lot more fun than those silly games that you play at all baby showers.  

We started with a bite to eat and some casual conversation.  (Sorry no pics.)

We moved into our activity of decoration onesies:

      We made Fabric Applique onesies using double sided fabric webbing.  See more info and How To here


     We made Stamped onesies using stamps and fabric paint.  Check out the details here.

     We decorated onesies with fabric markers.  Check out the details here.  

     We even decorated onesies using ready made Iron Ons.  Check out the details here.  

We watched as Jacklyn opened her gifts...

I made sure that everyone took a favor to go...  (Check out the favor post here.)


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  1. The onesies turned out great!! Glad everyone had a good time too!