Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gift Card Snow Globe

I lacked creativity this year when it came to a Christmas gift for Steel's teacher.  I copied off myself from last year's teacher's x-mas gift.   Still a cute idea, right?!  I had this great plan for Christmas this year...  I started early, as usual but then stopped.  I wanted to wait to finish shopping until it got closer to Christmas.  Well, Christmas is in 10 days and I am scrambling!  I have so much to do!!!  I still don't even know what we are going to eat.  I still have to finish up shopping, finish a quilt, make another one, make a few more gifts, finish wrapping, shop for food, make goodies and clean.  Plus, our Christmas is really only 9 days away because we do our big family dinner on Christmas Eve.  Wow.  I'm overwhelmed.  It's gonna be busy.  AND I am extremely busy at work, it never ends...the plus side...only 5 more days of work until 11 days off!!!!

Anywho...  Check out last year's posts on these cute little gift card snow and here.

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