Thursday, September 20, 2012

Memory Jar

I found this great jar at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  You just can't go wrong with a Giant Mason Jar for under $10.  If you patiently watch and wait for Hobby Lobby weekly sales.  They rotate when certain items are 50% off.  This was part of the 50% off glassware weekly sale.  It pays to be patient and wait for the sale!  Yes, Hobby Lobby has the 40% off weekly coupon, but it is for only one item and their weekly sales are several different departments in a week.

I decided to use this as my Memory Jar.  I still have more items to add to it currently but I need to round up my items.  I'm not following a certain theme for this jar but should be in the future.  I am already thinking of an offspring such as a jar of all Steel's sports picture key chains since I already have 4 of them and Steel is only 6!

Currently my Memory Jar consists of:
Sports Picture Key Chains
Other Key Chains from trips
Key Chains with keys from past homes
My mother's occasion pins
My mother's passport, she loved traveling
Little trinkets I was given as gifts
My Girl Scout Pin

I'm still rounding up items but the jar is in working order!  

Think of the possibilities...
Souvenirs from your travels such as key chains or magnets
Foreign Coins
Ticket Stubs
Shells or Rocks
Wedding or Shower Favors
Funeral Memorial Prayer Cards

Empty out your junk drawers, there's tons of stuff that you have no where to put but you just can't seem to throw away!!!!

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