Thursday, February 23, 2012

Steel's Chore Chart

Steel, age 6, asks me "How much money do you need to be rich?".

I reply "I don't know...maybe 1 million you think you can save 1 million dollars?"

"Nooooo!" says the kid.  (...a thoughtful pause...)  "How can I make money?"

Thus this idea was born!

I found the perfect place, it's our heat duct next to the furnace in our utility room:

Wooden circles and stars
Foam Brushes
Paper Plates for paint
Craft Magnets
Label Maker
Vinyl lettering - Letters for the days of the week
Vinyl strips to separate the days of the week

How I Did It
1.  I decided on what chores / how many times a week each can be performed and a dollar (or cents) amount for each.

2.  I painted wooden shapes in different colors for each chore.
7 Dishes (Lt. Blue)- Rinsing and putting dishes into dishwasher daily
7 Table (Red) - Wiping down table daily
7 Room (Yellow stars) - Picking up room daily
7 Shoes (Dk. Blue)- Straightening shoes in foyer daily
4 Puppy Poop (Orange) - Cleaning up Puppy Poop 4xs per week
2 Garbage (Green)- Emptying smaller trash cans twice a week
1 Vacuum (White)- Vacuuming the stairs once a week

3.  I made labels and affixed them to the wooden shapes as determined.

4.  I attached the craft magnets with glue to the back side of the wooden shapes.

5.  I made letters using my Silhouette and evenly spaced them on the heating duct and cut vinyl strips to use as dividing lines.

In action:

Inspiration: MorethanaMemoryAK Etsy Shop

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