Friday, February 24, 2012

St. Pat's Cookie Cutter Decor

I could not resist these cookie cutters and thought they would be so festive hanging in our kitchen.

3 cookie cutters
Jute roping
Metal hole punch, optional

How I Did It
1.  I punched holes in the top of each of the cookie cutters.  Due to the shamrock design, I alternated which side of the top shamrock leaf to punch a hole in.  This part is optional, you can simply just tie the jute around each cookie cutter.

2.  Thread varying lengths of jute roping through the holes and knot.  I made sure that each length of rope were the correct length to have each cookie cutter at different cascading levels.  I then knotted the three lengths of jute rope together.

3.  I, then, knotted the top as a 'hanger' loop.

4.  I attached the bow over top on the jute rope above the cookie cutters.

5.  I displayed on one of our kitchen cabinets for us all to enjoy.  =)

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