Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Fortune Cookies


We made Dad (paper) fortune cookies for Valentine's Day but instead a stuffing a fortune inside them, we put reasons why we love him inside.  We put them all in a paper bag with 'Dad, We Love You...' on it and each reason started with '...because (or when)'.  {i.e. ...because you play with me.}  I had to help Steel get started but then he was on a roll.  It was cute and fun.  

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1.  I cut 3 inch circles out of paper.  We used my Silhouette but using a jar lid approximately that size would be a good template as well.

2.  I wrote out our (fortunes) or our reasons why we loved Dad.  This was meant to be a group project but Steel was too busy.  He asked me to write them for him.  He did in fact tell me what to write so I guess he felt that that was his contribution.  

 3.  I folded the circle in half with the fortune inside but did NOT crease the fold.

4.  I took my other hand (still holding on to it with my first.  I only took my hand away so that I could shoot a picture) with my thumb and middle finger I slightly pushed the edges together using my index finger to help nudge the center inward.  My first hand made sure that the circle stayed folded and pushed slightly downward so that the the front flap of the cookie is formed.

5.  I stuck a glue dot in the center to hold the cookie together.


It was that easy!

Inspiration:  A Thrifty Mom

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