Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Pat's WordArt

I love this (and my Silhouette)!  I love St. Patrick's Day as well, even though we just sit home these days. 

I designed the WordArt using Silhouette Studio and cut in out in white cardstock with my Silhouette...

I cut pieces of green colored card stock (3 different shades) and stuck them behind each of the words/phrases.  I stuck the centers on where they were needed as well.  I used an adhesive dot roller to affix the paper in place.  If I put too much where it showed through to the other side, it easily rubbed off, kind of like rubber cement...

This is what the back looked like where I was finished...

Awesome, huh?!  I didn't have to print it out using tons of ink and it has some dimension to it!!

My inspiration:'s subway art collection

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